Friday, June 12, 2009


tomorrow i get my hair dyed again! back to the prettypretty brown.

mateo's back in town! it makes me want to go get another piercing, but my father would kill me. so that's just going to be like, thing number three on my list of things to do when i go to arizona.

that list goes like this.
1 - Move in
2 - Find Timothy and jump him
3 - Get new piercings/tattoo to celebrate!

yeah. i'm excited for august.

in other news.... i'm not going to spokane anymore, rachel's hella chill, and oh yeah. I MISS MY F***ING BEST FRIEND. douche-y douche. oh, and i really want to bake cookies, but my kitchen is in pieces. but once i get it back, i'm having a baking weekend. a cookie day? i'll need a lot more flour and sugar.

i spent way too long at work today, my brain's gone bye-bye. blargh.

Monday, June 1, 2009


oh my god i was accepted to college.
i'm leaving for flagstaff, arizona in a little more than two months.
i can't wait to see my timothy.

i can't wait to move out.
quarter's almost over, a week more of stuff that really matters.
people graduating left and right.

i think that's all that needs to be said.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


some things that people do just make me smile. today was a good day for it.


"do you want to hold hands?"
"uhh, sure."

"i can tell austin you need a date to prom. really."
"oh my god, simon."

"i'm a leprechaun."

"put in me!"
"that's NOT what she said!"
"put it in meeeee~!"

by the way, ego boost when i bring cookies. the ladro kids do it best, though. =]

Friday, May 15, 2009


i'm scared. too scared to go to work, too scared to get any farther than my front walk if i try to leave my house on my own. wierd things happen for no apparent reason, it seems. i've blacked out atleast four times since yesterday afternoon, and i'm absolutely terrified because i have no idea why and i've been alone most of the time since it started.
i didn't go to work today because i was afraid of passing out on the bus, or worse, on the side of the street.

i hate being scared like this. i spent half an hour sitting on my front steps yesterday waiting for my mom to come home after the first time it happened.
i spent all that time wishing a few certain people would be there with me so i wouldn't be alone, so i wouldn't be afraid of blacking out with no one around. especially those who were mad at me or just too far away.

it's amazing how something like that makes you value people.
so to everyone who i wished was there with me, i love you.
doesn't matter if we've had arguments, or if we just keep coming back to each other over and over again, i love you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


i made two batches of cupcakes last night.
i wish i had thought to make cookies too, my mood was not improved enough.

we'll have to see how it is when people eat what i've made. maybe it's time to make something really fancy, something that takes some thought rather than cupcakes or cookies.

i miss kyle. going to see bbvd was such an awesome day, i wish both of us actually had the time to do that. and i also miss him as Stubbs. :) best part.
atleast i have a cd for him that he'll love because it's fantastic!

i just feel like the present lady lately. anyone else want one?

Sunday, May 3, 2009


so, i have this friend. and this friend deserves a present, so i'm putting together one for him.
and i have some really good things to put in there, but i also want to toss in a surprise, except i haven't thought of a good one yet. which is a little bit of a dilemma because i was hoping to send it off to him in the next few days.

it's a challenge.
but it'll be awesome, because it's from me, right?

and i just realized that i only have this fool's school address, so he better text me with a different one soon, since said present will probably arrive after finals are over.

iiiiin other news;
i feel accomplished. i made two rad shirts for ivan, and the compliments on them today boosted my ego about 539723 points. poor kid's sick, but atleast people are jeallous of his clothes.
i didn't think i would, but i miss the dinner theater a lot right now. even though there were a lot of cliques and short tempers this year, i still miss it.
and the lack of ZOE and ZIMA. the coaches and the kids were awesome.

i don't know what else to say, so i'll stop.
loves, and all that good stuff.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Life is going better. Some good things back in my life, some new good things appearing. Some things going the way they should and making life better.
The dinner theater opens on Friday. We're cutting it close, but my mom and I have almost finished all of the costumes. So stressful! Let's hope that everything comes together. I'll put up some pictures soon.

I proposed to Laura yesterday. ;) Stealing my bestie's girlfriend.
'Cause she said yes.