Sunday, May 3, 2009


so, i have this friend. and this friend deserves a present, so i'm putting together one for him.
and i have some really good things to put in there, but i also want to toss in a surprise, except i haven't thought of a good one yet. which is a little bit of a dilemma because i was hoping to send it off to him in the next few days.

it's a challenge.
but it'll be awesome, because it's from me, right?

and i just realized that i only have this fool's school address, so he better text me with a different one soon, since said present will probably arrive after finals are over.

iiiiin other news;
i feel accomplished. i made two rad shirts for ivan, and the compliments on them today boosted my ego about 539723 points. poor kid's sick, but atleast people are jeallous of his clothes.
i didn't think i would, but i miss the dinner theater a lot right now. even though there were a lot of cliques and short tempers this year, i still miss it.
and the lack of ZOE and ZIMA. the coaches and the kids were awesome.

i don't know what else to say, so i'll stop.
loves, and all that good stuff.

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